It’s the truth! I’m celebrating my 3rd year anniversary at CNB 12!
Fancy caviar and Champaign next year, yes? : ) Posted - Copyright 2003-2015 - All Rights Reserved - May not be sold or given away.

Amazingly enough, this actually started out as my university project in Computers and Society at Pennsylvania State University. I can hardly believe that this little project has grown so much in so little time!

Kudos to the kind lads at cakedesignideas dot net for this lovely picture =-)

This is actually a cake!!

I have changed things here and there, but my goal is still to create great content for this website, which has my name, “Corey’s News Board,” and this website exists to share relevant news with my friends, and thereby positively improve society.

When this started way back in 2012, it was plain HTML, but I had to upgrade to WordPress to make it perform as envisioned, and must say I love it much more! : ) Along the path, I have learned to sort out hosting services, buying site support services while learning WordPress, selecting a theme, and on and on… great fun!

There is so much to learn! And that is exactly the point of the computers and society course that started all this. One of our central points was with regard to learning to use RSS feeds and how that can bring about education to specific segments of our culture.

The truth is, I love working on all areas of this site, and digging in to a few of them in particular. Let me share a big while I’m thinking of it…

Arts 3 (2)

Memorable times : )

Arts & Crafts activities are by far one of my favorite topics : ) Whenever you have a moment, be sure to browse this site section, as you will uncover interesting and fun projects. My heart goes to all the parents who seek productive and enjoyable time with their kids. There are many articles here that can bring joy to you and your children!

CF 1(3)

Sun & Fun!

Cultural Festivals Section arrive as a close second place to my love for arts and crafts.
But look, you should steal at least one minute from your schedule — even if you think you care not about culture or festival celebrations — since I am confident the articles in this section will become a new favorite for you! Please trust me, and take a peek now…!

Parade, Yard sales, and many other events are in my mind, and I look forward to sharing all this with you in the months to come.

In our Health section, we now have safe and healthy diet plan research that you or your loved ones will surely embrace and find both useful and educational!
The way I look at it is that we all benefit by carefully choosing our daily nutrition, and ongoing exercise. Because the healthier we are, the more we can love life, and enjoy it to the fullest!

And there’s more on the way, because I have many ideas about exercise, skincare, and powerful insights to Vegan lifestyles you need to consider, as well as vitamins you must avoid!

This Home section started out of necessity, you know what I mean?
I had so many car problems, that my family asked me to create articles here to share with other so we need not all make the same mistakes. Please see my articles and let me know your thoughts!

Real Estate is currently set to share my friends’ Central America property, so be sure to share this : ) as he is eager to find the qualified investor with passion for beach life!

School, yes! I know I planned to start this section last year. My apologies to all of you for taking so long to create and post this info. If all goes well, we can post that content before classes start this year.

The Work section clearly needs help… yes… I am confessing this to you, my followers and friends… “work” is not always a fun topic, now than is it?? lol
Obviously, it is important, and I have many friends who can assist with everything from career management to online reputation repair, so take heart people, we have great articles and posts on the way!

Party time may hurt your reputation so get ready to fix it

Parties may lead to problems… so get ready for reputation fixing my friends…

This I promise, our Sports & Entertainment section will get more attention when my friends arrive next month. I have university friends who will be interviewed by me, and their transcripts posted here! We are all going to share our insights on university sports, concerts, holiday travel, and so much more!

Sounds fantastic, yes? I know! I’m inviting you to travel with me as we virtually step through and create articles. I love working on all areas of this site, and digging in to a few of them in particular. I look forward to sharing insights and hope friends (both new and old) join with me in this passion!

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Keep your eyes open for more updates, because they’re on the way! : )
PS – if you are a frustrated guest blogger seeking attention, then by all means contact me, and share your passions (what are you most eager to write about??).