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Image (1) Post#3Are you even a little curious about Used Cars? As you may soon perceive, I am curious about many things, and am constantly eager to bring out fascinating facts I dig up online. Reality being what it is… my university students and associates bring various sites to my attention, so I aim to share them as soon as possible. In fact, often our regional secondary school student volunteers bring in their preferred online findings. Either way, I like to bring these things to our blog so you may learn, and help us all discover a bit more about Used Cars.

Let me share one thing before we go too far, several of those who are persistent followers of my posts will recognize this, however, I like to share it since individuals repost my content on their various sites accounts, I include this in to bring my story to each brand-new website on which it is shared. Maybe a bit unusual to believe, I know, but my Harvard-educated mother was a stay-at-home-mom until I was 18. She poured her hunger for knowing, puzzle-solving, and similar interests into my mind. My mom built into my soul a desire for a lifetime of learning, and I enjoy it! Have you currently seen that in me? I think of so, due to the fact that it distinctively certifies me to bring intriguing and relevant info to you, one post by post, over time.

Be realistic, OK? Who could say no to Used Cars? You will quickly seen that I have been an avid student of this category for decades now, going to conferences and attending local meet-up groups. My pastimes and interests are fairly different, and it develops an intriguing life, and every day is a brand-new adventure! In fact, my family has been interested in all this for a very long time, so you might say I grew up with it, and I am proud of all the things my dad, mom, and extended family built into my mind to make me the individual I am today.Image (2) Post#3

Thinking about a used car extended warranty? Nervous about what’s under the hood? Used car dealers are feeling your pain all the way to the bank. In an ironic twist, “pre-owned vehicle” dealers have found a way to profit from their bad reputation.

No, they’re not just selling overpriced used car extended warranties anymore. They’re charging a 10%-25% markup on used cars “certified” (by them) not to be pieces of junk. The accompanying “certified” used car warranties in fact usually carry much less protection than the best used car warranties, which you can buy yourself online. Who needs a used car warranty if your jalopy is a “certified” machine?

But even paying 10%-25% more won’t eliminate risk. Thorough extended warranties for used cars are necessary, “certified” or not. In some cases, a half-hearted inspection means the certification may not be worth the paper it’s written on. Used car problems often only appear months or years after purchase. That’s why even for mint used cars, used car extended warranties are essential.

Worse, “certified” used cars don’t always come with any extended used car warranty coverage. When a “certified” used car warranty is included, it usually has much less coverage than a new car warranty. Even most standard pre-owned vehicle extended warranties offer much more protection than most “certified” used car warranties.

You can almost always do better on your own. An independent inspection and a used car extended warranty provide better peace of mind, often at a lower price.

Certified Used Car Inspection: Used Car Extended Warranties Still Needed

The cornerstone of a “certified” used car program is the supposedly super-thorough inspection. There are good reasons to think that the inspection does not replace an independent inspection or used car extended warranty coverage.

*Are inspections really added value? Don’t you wonder why dealers aren’t inspecting all their cars before taking delivery themselves? Car dealers aren’t idiots, at least not with cars. Anyone who’s had to haggle over a trade-in knows that. The big question is whether the dealership will disclose everything it knows. Trust is still an issue with “certified” cars.

*Certified by whom? Think about it: the same people who are trying to sell you the car are also “certifying” it. Yes, you read right: the “certification” is usually done by the dealership selling the car. If there’s any manufacturer oversight, it’s often just an occasional inspection of the dealer’s inspection.

*Duplicate inspection. You should have any used car, “certified” or not, thoroughly inspected by an independent mechanic. You’re up against an industry that demonstrates about as much trustworthiness as, well, used car dealers. Do not give up your first line of defense.

*Limits of inspections. No inspection in the world can foresee every possible problem. Oftentimes, something that breaks a few months after purchase really was fine when the car was sold–or was virtually undetectable. When–not if–something gives out, you’d better have a used car extended warranty.

“Certified” Used Car Warranty Coverage under the Hood

The implied selling point of “certified” used cars is they won’t break. That kind of makes used car extended warranties seem unnecessary. Naturally, some buyers may wonder what will be happen if something does break anyway. In order to ease those inquiring minds, “certified” used car warranties often come included, or are at least implied. Sadly, too few people will inquire further about what the “certified” used car warranty covers.

*Does certified mean “under warranty”? Not necessarily. The major manufacturers’ “certified” programs usually include some extended warranty protection. But oftentimes, “certified” cars sold outside of manufacturers’ programs do not come with any extended warranty coverage. If it does break, tough luck.

*How good’s the warranty? The GM Certified Used Vehicle Warranty is only for 3 months or 3,000 miles! Ford offers longer “certified” warranties. But they generally aren’t bumper-to-bumper, covering only the “power train.” Forget about the little extras like the roof or the doors. Right off the internet, you can buy extended warranty used car coverage that is generally bumper-to-bumper and lasts several years.

“Certified” Used Cars: Extended Warranties Still Needed

“Certified” used cars offer two things: an inspection and a used car extended warranty. Arguably, neither is worth the price.

*Inspection. Let’s face reality. The junky used car problem doesn’t exist for want of dealer inspections. Lemons get sold for one of three reasons. a) The defect did not show up in the dealer’s own inspection. b) The dealer is trying to sell a car whose defects were already known. Or sometimes c) the buyer knows about the defects but is guilty of wishful thinking. In none of these cases will a “certified” inspection provide the protection of an independent inspection and extended used car warranty.Image (3) Post#3

*Warranty. A “certified” used car will often cost 10%-25% more. For a $10,000 used car, that’s $1,000-$2,500. An extended used car warranty from an independent auto warranty company will often cost about the same. But the best used car warranties will provide a lot more protection than “certified” used car warranties. Given that fact, you may end up getting an independent extended car warranty anyway.

Worst of all, certified used cars come with an expensive risk. They tempt you to let your guard down. Ford even issued a press release headlined “Pre-Owned Vehicle Program Reduces Customer Buyer Beware.” As if that were a good thing.

Of course, in the end, you may buy a “certified” used car anyway. These days it seems there are fewer and fewer used cars that aren’t “certified.” Just make sure to get an independent inspection and an independent used car extended warranty. “Certified” or not, it’s still a used car.


Question: would you tell me if you are frantically bored? Ideally not! Thank you for reading my post! I know I am still delighted to share all I’m discovering, and see this as a lot more than “Just doing a project,” so to state, due to the fact that I am pushing enthusiastically for a meaningful life, and discover I enjoy this outlet to broaden my world. This is far more that just remaining occupied or using-up my time, it’s an actual education!

For those who you are still curious about Used Cars, then read-on with the other posts in this area. You now understand I wonder about lots of things, and always eager to share interesting truths I discover online. I’ll remain to encourage my college students and associates to bring sites to my attention, so I will share what they bring as soon as possible.

Like I noted in the past, I would clearly be set adrift emotionally if I did not have this site to share my passions on all the topics and training I discovered in private ventures. My beliefs are open for dispute, however I have to alert you that I have actually studied this topic for a long, long period of time and have actually seen lots of elegant ideas come and go. Make certain to share a lot of details when you send your conflicting perspectives.

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Cheers! I totally and fully appreciate your time in considering this Used Cars post, and I anticipate “seeing you” right here again soon!

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