Cultural Festivals in Australia and Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan tours are significant in a number of ways. A journey through this land shows you the subtle hues of the culture and tradition of the ‘Desert Jewel of India’. The picturesque villages of Rajasthan absorb the pink hue when the locals dressed in traditional costumes and jewelry move around in groups. The long stretch of desert contrasts the scene by spreading a silver backdrop against it. The fairs and festivals add energy and life to the entire scenery.

Celebrations are part of the life in Rajasthan. Virtually every occasion is a celebration here. The onset of a new season, a harvest time, or a religious ritual – Rajasthanis make each occasion memorable with their traditional artistic and cultural flair. These festivals raise the heritage of Rajasthan to new heights.

One of the notable festivals in Rajasthan is Pushkar Fair conducted for twelve days every November. It is a cultural festival combined with a grand trade fair with a lot of entertainment. The festival attracts scores of locals as well as tourists. Pushkar fair popularly known as Pushkar Mela is also famous for the cattle fair, probably one of the biggest of that kind in the world. The beautifully decorated cattle add uniqueness to the show. With a lot of religious significance, the fair attracts many saints and holy people as well.


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Another important festival is Jaisalmer Desert festival, conducted during Jan-Feb. The festival depicts the holy journey to Jaisalmer, the desert city aka the golden city. The highlights of the show include folk performances and camel shows.

Elephants are part of the culture of royal Rajasthan. The Elephant Festival is another such occasion that reflects the spirit of Rajasthan. Celebrated during Holi, the festival of colors, the Elephant festival puts forth the magnificent show of elephants in their best finery.

Rajasthan tours are not complete without a journey through the traditional festivals and fairs. They are there on every month, on every season. The Gangaur Festival in Mar-Apr is a special festival meant for young girls and women to worship Goddess Parvati for a happy and long married life.

The Government of Rajasthan takes special interest in promoting the culture and heritage of Rajasthan. In October, there is the Marwar Festival, organized by the Department of Tourism. The Camel Festival, Bikaner, is celebrated in January, and it gives another opportunity for tourists to enjoy the folk performances.



Australia has become one of the most popular travel destinations. Apart from its breathtaking scenery, diverse metropolitan areas and seeming endless shoreline, what really draws people to Australia are its fantastic festivals and events that draw crowds of people from many countries.

Sporting Events

Tour Down Under

In January, Adelaide hosts the Tour Down Under. Here, the world’s best cyclists gather to compete in 6 days of cycling and entertainment. Thousands of people come each year to cheer on their teams and riders while enjoying incredible nightlife, dining, and musical performances.

The Australian Open

The Australian Open is one of the most exciting Grand Slam tennis events you can find. It is one of 4 Grand Slam events and tickets are extremely sought after. Federation Square in Melbourne shows the games on a giant screen for free so everyone can watch the action.

About half a million visitors come in the two weeks of the event so you can imagine how energized the town is during the Australian Open. There are concerts and festivals running continuously at various venues so even if you can’t score a ticket to a match, Melbourne is the place to be during these weeks.

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

In March comes the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. For four days, the fastest cars and their talented drivers are put to the test at the Albert Park circuit. During this event, the Royal Australian Air Force put on an aerial display. With fighter jets and cars zooming at up to 300 km/h this is the event for anyone who loves speed.


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To make things even better, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show are all going on at the same time. That makes March a great time to visit Melbourne with something for the entire family.

Australia is a modern Mecca for sports enthusiasts. Many more events are held in relation to rugby, Australian Rules Football, golf, horse racing, surfing, running, yacht racing, and cricket to name a few. The world’s largest cricket tournament, The Ashes, will be held in Australia in December 2013.

Cultural Events

Australia Day

Australia Day is the biggest event of national pride. In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip raised a British flag at Sydney Cove on January 26th. Every anniversary, hundreds of parades, concerts, pageants, cultural exhibitions, and firework displays are happening all over the country. Wherever you are in Australia on this day, there are lots going on.

Sydney Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras is a two week long gay and lesbian cultural festival in February and March. Thousands of people march down Oxford Street on floats and large crowds gather and cheer. Every pub and restaurant puts on something special and there is a giant picnic area outdoor.

Melbourne Comedy Festival

The Melbourne Comedy Festival is the largest cultural event in Australia. Over 600,000 people gather to see stand-up, theatre, cabaret, street performances, film, radio, television, and visual arts from a global demographic of entertainers. It is currently the second largest comedy festival in the world.

Only a few of the gems in Australian culture have been mentioned. Australia has something for everyone. Everywhere you go there is a test of athleticism, an exhibition of culture or an appreciation for history. Australia knows how to put on a show making it the cultural hub that it is for tourists of every kind. The people are wonderful, the terrain is breathtaking and there never seems to be a dull moment whether you’re in Sydney, Perth or somewhere in between. The entertainment is so diverse and so endless that the only regret you’ll have when you return is that you should have stayed longer.



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