Which Is The Best Diet For You?

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Are you even a little curious about Diet? As you may likely perceive, I am curious about numerous matters, and am constantly excited to bring out interesting facts I discover online. Fact be told, my university students and colleagues bring different websites to my attention, so I aim to share them as quickly as possible. In fact, often our regional secondary school student volunteers generate their preferred website findings. In either case, I enjoy to deliver these things to your attention, and help all of us learn a bit more about Diet.

But, all the people who are ongoing followers of my posts will acknowledge this, but, I prefer to share it due to the fact that people re post my content on their Tumblr accounts, I include this in to bring my story to each brand-new website on which it is published. Maybe a bit unusual to think, I know, but my Harvard-educated mother was a stay-at-home-mom till I was 18. She poured her hunger for knowing, puzzle-solving, and similar enthusiasms into my mind. My mother developed into my soul a desire for a lifetime of knowing, and I like it! Have you currently seen that in me? I imagine so, since it distinctively certifies me to bring interesting and appropriate details to you, one post by post, over time.

Bottom line: who could say no to Diet? You will certainly soon seen that I have been a passionate student of this genre for years now, attending conferences and going to local meet-up groups. My pastimes and interests are fairly varied, and it develops a fascinating life, and daily is a new adventure! In fact, my family has had an interest in all this for a long period of time, so you could say I grew up with it, and I am proud of all things my dad, mother, and extended family constructed into my mind to make me the person I am today.



The following article is one of a series of articles which focus on Self Improvement, Motivation and Empowerment. It is based on research done over twenty years as a personal and business coach. This self improvement article was written in response to questions which have been asked on losing weight and long term weight loss as well as address common challenges that people have with this subject. I sincerely hope that you find the following
information of value.

Which Diet Is The Best One For You?

Probably the most important things people want to know when they think the time has come (again) to cut some of the daily food intake is which diet is the best. Although we are all different beings, many of us share the same goal: a diet that can make us thin in no time at all.


Some sort of miracle pill or eating plan that makes fat go away and never ever return. That’s actually the second part of the big wish: how to make sure t2hat all the weight lost through dieting stays lost through the years.

The more diets published in magazines and on the Internet, the more people are confused about what dieting really means and about the right way of bringing your body back in shape. The growing number of overweight people has turned weight loss into an industry like never before and the market is growing every year.

It seems that nowadays all one needs is a fashionable idea and a flair for marketing in order to make a lot of money or garner a lot of popularity by proposing some sort of weird diet, despite the lack of professional expertise in this field.

And there is a LOT of diets out there. We’re going to go here only through the best-known diets, since a review of all the diets floating around the industry would be beyond the scope of this article.

So let’s start with one of the latest fads of the dieting world: the Atkins diet. Pretty much everybody’s head of the Atkins diet, largely due to the flood of articles praising the extraordinary results, not to mention the loads of good mail from satisfied customers. The biggest thing in favor of this diet is that it lets you eat high fat dairy products like cheese and butter.

However, the Atkins diet has fallen from its lofty perch over suspicions of increasing the risk of heart diseases, not to mention the proved fact that bigger number of followers complain of diarrhea, weakness, muscle cramps and rashes. The debate over the scientific fundamentals of this diet is still raging.

Next comes the Zone diet; another well-known eating plan. This diet is the brainchild of Barry Sears and it’s all about eating the right mix of foods in order to reach the proper hormonal balance. This state of balance, which is called the “Zone”, lets the body take in calories and use them through the day without putting anything aside as fat. Unfortunately, this diet does some serious discrimination among foods without any scientific basis.

Starchy vegetables, whole grains and beans are banned, although these foods are not in conflict with the principles of the diet. The American Heart Association says the Zone diet lacks essential nutrients while promoting high-protein foods.


When it comes to the subject of self improvement, I fully understand (through my own experiences) that it is a lot easier said than done. However, you are here, right now, because you have a desire to improve your self or you are at least interested in this subject. Perhaps you are reading this to help a friend or colleague – great. If this article helps you or you help a friend, paying it forward is what lif’e all about so we all win.


======END SIDEBAR======

The Jenny Craig diet is next on the list. One of the longest running diets, Jenny Craig started this business in the early 1980s and it’s still around. The basic idea of this diet is a trade off: you don’t have to choose recipes, do the shopping and the cooking, but you have to buy the Jenny Craig prepackaged food. And that runs to some $100 per week. Plus the membership costs. Plus the vegetables and fruits which are not included in the prepackaged food.

If you can afford it and if you can stick to it, the diet is pretty good. However, similar low-calorie foods can be bought at the grocery store and you don’t have to discuss this with a Jenny Craig expert that insists on your eating the prepackaged food because he gets a percentage of the sale price.

From sunny Florida comes the South Beach diet. This one has the right idea and wrong approach combination down pat. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people have managed to lose weight with this diet and it actually works. But the question is: can you really stick to it? The first phase of the diet will eliminate most foods containing carbohydrates from your daily consumption. Fortunately, this phase lasts two weeks.

Unfortunately, second phase focuses on a half-hearted return of whole grains and fruits and lasts… as long as necessary. If reaching the desired weight takes you one year, then that’s exactly how long this phase is going to last. And if you don’t like the foods allowed by this diet then you’re out of luck. There are no alternatives.

And yet another veteran dieting program around is Weight Watchers. This is actually one of the best diets around because it puts all the management tools in the hands of the user. If you are really committed to losing weight, you have all the information you need to do it. And a lot of people who are going through the same thing are going to be there to help you.

If having company during difficult times helps your willpower, then you are probably going to lose all that extra weight. If, on the other hand, you don’t like the idea of being constantly under peer pressure, then this diet is not for you.


As you can see from this short review, there are a lot of diets out there, dozens more than we’ve been able to cover here. The best thing to do when choosing a diet is to do as much research about it as possible. See what people who tried it have to say. Then see what doctors and dietitians have to say about it.

Between those singing praises and those trying to prove the diet wrong you can probably get the truth yourself. Still, pay special attention to what the doctors have to say. If they tell you a certain diet will put your body to risk then think twice before trying it.

NOW is the time!

O.K. you have read the article. Now is the time for action. Without action, this article adds no value whatsoever to your self improvement. But remember, without action, you cannot blame this self improvement article or any article for that matter. So, take action NOW.

Even if only one piece of advice, one piece of information, one tip makes a difference, then the whole article has been worth it for all of us. NOW is the time!

Question: tell the truth. Are you seriously burnt out? Ideally not! Thank you for reading my post! I understand I am still excited to share all I’m finding out, and see this as much more than “Just doing an assignment,” so to state, because I am pressing hard for a meaningful life, and discover I enjoy this outlet to broaden my horizons. This is much more that just remaining occupied or filling my time, it’s an actual education!

For those who you are still curious about Diet, then read-on with the other posts in this section. You now know I wonder about lots of things, and constantly eager to share interesting facts I find online. I’ll continue to encourage my college students and colleagues to bring internet sites to my attention, so I will certainly share exactly what they bring as soon as possible.

Like I referenced to you before, I would clearly be lost if I did not have this blog to share my interests on all the subjects and training I learned in private ventures. My beliefs are open for argument, but I have to caution you that I have studied this topic for a long, very long time and have actually seen lots of elegant concepts come and go. Make certain to share a lot of data-points when you send your conflicting viewpoints.

Many thanks!! I very much covet your valued hours in evaluating this Diet article, and I anticipate “seeing you” here once more very soon!

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