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Is it true that you are interested about Arts And Crafts? As you will see, I am interested about numerous things, and constantly excited to impart fascinating realities I discover on the web. To be perfectly honest, my college understudies and associates bring different sites to my attention, so I expect to impart them as quickly as time permits. Truth be told, some of the time our nearby secondary school understudy volunteers accumulate their most loved online discoveries. In any case, I want to bring these things to your attention, and help all of us take in some more about Arts And Crafts.

The individuals who are successive peruses of my posts will perceive this, in any case, I like to impart it on the grounds that individuals re post my substance on their accounts, so I add this into bring my story to every new website on which it is presented :-) Hard on accept, I know, yet my Harvard-instructed mother was a Stay-at-home-mother until I was 18. She spilled her strive after learning, and puzzle-illuminating interests into my psyche. My mother incorporated with my spirit a longing for a lifetime of learning, and I adore it! Have you as of now seen that in me? I envision in this way, because it interestingly qualifies me to bring fascinating and pertinent data to you, one post at time.

Who could say no to Arts And Crafts? You will soon seen that I have been a devoted understudy of this type throughout recent decades, going to meetings and going to nearby get together gatherings. My leisure activities and investments are very shifted, and it makes an intriguing life, and every day is another undertaking! Indeed, my family has been occupied with this for quite a while, so you could say I grew up with it, and I am glad for all the things my father, mother, and more distant family incorporated with my psyche to make me the individual I am today.

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The Arts and Crafts era began in England during the late 1800’s. Simple clean designs and individual craftsmanship that employed aspects of nature were the main characteristics of this design period. This new movement was in direct contrast to the mass production of products that was made possible by the industrial revolution. This new art, (Art Nouveau in French) was also many ways a relief from the lavishly ornate designs of the Victorian era which preceded.

The industrial revolution had dehumanized the process of manufacturing especially as it relates to home decor products. It broke down the work process into various components by processes called the “division of labor”. Workers were able to work on only a portion of a complete product. The Arts and Crafts movement was a rebuttal of this dehumanizing process as it was concerned specifically with the human element of a person creating an entire product from start to finish.

The architect Augustus Pugin (1812-1852) was one of the first outspoken leaders in speaking against the dehumanizing aspect of the industrial revolution. He was followed by other proponents of these ideas: John Ruskin (1819-1900), William Morris (1834-1896) and Phillip Webb. Morris was the most popular name associated with this movement.

This new style of art spread throughout Europe and was named Art Nouveau (new art) by the French. Each country and region had its own styles and variations of this new art movement.

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During the late 1800’s, America was basically importing its artistic and home furnishings designs from England and Europe. Colonial and Shaker designs were the only truly American styles at that time. Gustav Stickley’s simple and clean furniture designs exemplified the Arts and Crafts style in America.

There were a number of remarkable lamp companies of that period. Their products are very collectible and highly sought after today. Many of these collectible Arts and Crafts Lamps or Art Nouveau Lamps that sold for $ 15 – $ 25 in the 1920’s may now sell for many $ 1,000’s and much more.

Some of the lamp companies which are representative of the Arts and Crafts or Art Nouveau era are:




Duffner & Kimberly

Edward Miller

Bradley and Hubbard


Moe Bridges

Chicago Mosaic

Cincinnati Iron Works



DIrk Van Erp


Daum Nancy


Rockwood Pottery







If you’ve been to Africa, and in particular to South Africa, you would have seen the countless vendors standing on sidewalks, along the freeways, and even along well-traveled tourist destinations to sell their art. These private vendors normally just sell their African art and crafts to put food on the table for his/her family, sometimes at very, very low prices – not even remotely compensating for their effort in creating the artwork.

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You will come across art and crafts of different aspects of Africa and its vast ethnic groups, which include the Big Five, beading and jewellery of high quality, spears, knives, sandals, and paintings. In all these arts and crafts you can clearly see the amount of effort and time put into creating these skillful displays of Africa – especially in the case where an artform was sculpted from a solid hardwood log! Most times it is just plain amazing to see these people apply their trade right there in their vending stall or shop for anyone to see – and it is mostly very, very original!

African paintings are also very popular due to their originality in portraying some significant image seen in nature, involving mostly wildlife, but also people in their different settings. African art and crafts definitely gives an insight into the mostly unknown African continent for people who have never visited here before. This however, is also no longer an issue as most prominent and promising artists display their art and crafts on the Internet, making it accessible for anyone who wishes to purchase that very special memento from the African continent.


Do you ever seen some kind of advertisements like these before?

Earn $6,000/month.Averaging 5 Paid Signups a Day! Get Your Free Account Now or ; Retired At 32 With MLM.How I Actually Did It. No Gimmicks No Bull. Serious Inquires Only! or; Watch the 7 Videos They Didn’t Show Me – “How to Sponsor Reps Fast” or; Six Figure Yearly.Forget That. $2500/Day Guaranteed ! Step-by-Step Instructions – $4.95

These are all advertisements showing us on how to generate income by using their successful techniques. This technique called “copying a successor to be a successor”. They sell products that can be used by other people to gain same outcome like them.

If they use the proven technique and then they succeeded with it, they hope that the same result will be achieved to other people. They cut the long road become shorter, so that you don’t even have to think about it and facing same problem like them.

Referring to other people who are really succeeded in what ever they have done is a good way in building any of your future business. By this way, we can know what should we avoid from, what are the things that we should do most, which kind of method that we need to practice and we can minimize any obstacle that we will face if we do it by ourselves. But remember, some of them are too good to be true.Make your own study if you realize that something is not right with the techniques given.

There are some advantages in using others’ successful method rather than using our own unknown method:

1. We can cut the burden of the initial investment, time management and lack of ideas.
2. Some of the successful references came with step-by-step instruction. So, that you can copy their method right away after you get their product.
3. You don’t even have to blown your brain off just to think the way of implementing your ideas.
4. If you have chosen the right method to be done, you can suit it with your own idea. Maybe by doing this, your idea will be more effective than the original idea.
5. In arts and crafts, you can utilize your own skills and hobbies without to think on how to show it to the whole world.

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In addition, copying someone’s successful method can be your first step to be a successor like them. In fact, many people around the world already used this kind of technique and the results are marvelous. Some of them became more successful than the one who they were copy from.

Building a business with arts and crafts also need same guidance like what I’ve mentioned before especially as an online businessman/woman. An artistic man not necessarily a computer savvy.They know about arts and crafts but few of them know how to use computer to introduce their skills. Unless, they are already known as computer expert. So, this is how guidance or reference became important to them.

For those who are intending to make use of the Internet as their platform to introduce their skills, you should consider to copy others’ established Internet businesses rather than you make it yourself and this is how you can cut some of the fussy things in building a website.

Search for a good reference and guidance to make sure your finding is not a wastage. A good reference will tell you not just 1 or 2 models to be copied from but more than that. As a result, you can choose the right model to be your first website.


Urgently exhausted? Assuredly not! Much obliged to you for perusing my post! I know I am still excited to impart all I’m learning, and see this as significantly more than “Simply doing a task,” so to say, in light of the fact that I am pushing hard for a significant life, and discover I adore this outlet to expand my viewpoints. This is a great deal more that simply staying involved or filling my time, its a constant training!

In the event that you are still inquisitive about Arts And Crafts, then read-on with alternate posts in this segment. You now know I am interested about numerous things, and constantly willing to impart intriguing actualities I discover on the web. I’ll keep on stilling my college understudies and associates to bring sites to my attention, so I will impart what they bring as quickly as time permits.

Like I said some time recently, I’d be lost in the event that I didn’t have this spot to impart my interests on all the points and preparing I adapted in private wanders. My convictions are open for civil argument, however I need to caution you that I have considered this theme for a long, long time and have seen numerous extravagant thoughts travel every which way. Make certain to impart a ton of point of interest when you send your clashing perspectives.

Numerous much obliged concerning perusing this Arts And Crafts post, and I anticipate “seeing you” here again soon!

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