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It is safe to say that you are interested about Arts And Crafts? As you will see, I am interested about numerous things, and constantly avid to impart intriguing truths I discover on the web. To be totally straightforward, my college understudies and associates bring different sites to my attention, so I plan to impart them at the earliest opportunity. Truth be told, now and again our neighborhood secondary school understudy volunteers accumulate their most loved online discoveries. In any case, I want to bring these things to your attention, and help every one of us take in some more about Arts And Crafts.

The individuals who are regular peruses of my posts will perceive this, however, I like to impart it in light of the fact that individuals re post my substance on their accounts, so I add this into bring my story to every new webpage on which it is presented :-) Hard on accept, I know, yet my Harvard-taught mother was a Stay-at-home-mother until I was 18. She spilled her strive after learning, and puzzle-understanding interests into my psyche. My mother incorporated with my spirit a craving for a lifetime of learning, and I adore it! Have you as of now seen that in me? I envision in this way, because it remarkably qualifies me to bring fascinating and applicable data to you, one post at time.

Who could say no to Arts And Crafts? You will soon seen that I have been an eager understudy of this type throughout recent decades, going to gatherings and going to neighborhood get together gatherings. My pastimes and hobbies are truly changed, and it makes a fascinating life, and every day is another escapade! Truth be told, my family has been keen on this for quite a while, so you could say I grew up with it, and I am glad for all the things my father, mother, and more distant family incorporated with my psyche to make me the individual I am today.
When we think of names like Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-52) and William Morris (1834-1896) today, we think of these men as decorators – Pugin being responsible for the insides of the Houses of Parliament, and perhaps rather unkindly, Morris for wallpaper, tiles and place mats. However, both these men were ardent reformers of their day and were in part responsible for the beginnings of the Arts and Crafts Movement, which reacted against low quality mass produced furniture and other household items being manufactured during the Victorian era.

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Both these men wanted a return to simpler hand crafted forms of production. For Pugin it was the medieval designs of Gothic furniture and honesty in construction, where joints were shown on the surface of pieces. A famous design of his, an armoire made by J. G. Crace for the 1851 Great Exhibition, was purchased directly by the Victoria and Albert Museum where it remains today.

Morris set up Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. in 1861. Unlike Pugin, Morris did not design furniture but his associates J P Seddon, William Burges and Philip Webb all produced the hand crafted simply styled pieces so reminiscent of Arts and Crafts furniture. The ‘Sussex’ chair’ by Webb was an example of a traditionally styled rush seated chair made of blackened or ebonized beech. Other later examples by George Jack included a handmade oak dining table with herringbone design along the side, and eight hand carved and twisted legs with floral decorations inserted.

Keeping to the idylls of the Arts and Crafts movement was difficult. Pugin exhausted himself in his attempts to recreate his Gothic Revival style in the Houses of Parliament and died soon after the decorations were completed. Morris was fighting a losing battle in his desire to compete with Victorian mass produced furniture which was much cheaper than his firm’s hand created pieces. Ironically, Arts and Crafts furniture that was made to champion the handcraftsmanship of the artisan could only be afforded by the very wealthy.

After going into politics in 1883, Morris caved in to mass production somewhat by allowing furniture from his firm to be made using machinery in part in order that pieces should be cheaper and more generally affordable. In his idealised world, factories were only open four hours a day and workers were able to wander around factory gardens and appreciate pieces of sculpture on show, rather than be chained to the wheel of Victorian mass production.

The Arts and Crafts Movement itself gained momentum later in the 19th century and through followers such as Voysey, Mackmurdo, Ashbee and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Arts and Crafts ‘progressive’ furniture was developing its own particular style and was eventually adopted by firms such as Heals & Son. Rennie Mackintosh’s furniture designs still retain that element of modernity today and his work managed to straddle the simpler right angled styling of the Arts and Crafts with the more organic floral forms of the Art Nouveau.

Fine Arts and Crafts furniture and Cumbria have become synonymous in the antiques world. Should you wish to source some interesting examples of Arts and Crafts furniture in Cumbria, local antiques dealers will be able to assist you.

The author Christian Davies is a second generation antiques dealer and owner of Christian Davies Antiques, a family based antiques business based in Preston, Lancashire.
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If you are planning to create a Japanese interior for your home or office, you should consider the many different Japanese arts and crafts that are available. One such item is the Japanese lamp. One type of lamp in specific that you might consider is the Shoji lamp. These lamps come in a wide variety of designs and can provide a unique Japanese style. The Shoji lamps are available in a round or square design that can meet any needs your home or office hopes to achieve.

Many of the lamps are handcrafted. Japanese lamps are designed to help create harmony in whatever place they are placed. The Shoji is supposed to help merge the lamp with the natural settings of the room. The lamps are often handcrafted from unique materials and can be painted with designs that reflect the long culture of the Japanese people. Consider the Shoji lamp when you begin to create that perfect atmosphere for your home or business.

Japanese arts and crafts have a long history and many types of lamps exist that reflect the rich culture of the Japanese people. Many websites provide access to the Shoji lamp and you can find many great designs to pick from. Do a little research to determine which type of lamp or design may be best for your needs. The lamps come in many different forms and different levels of quality. The Zen atmosphere that is so valued by people is often easy to create with the right arts and crafts.

Shoji lamps are a great example of Japanese tradition that can provide your office or home with a unique look that people will admire and enjoy. Many people may not notice the atmosphere you create directly, but their subconscious will notice the atmosphere you are creating. No matter what type of lamp you choose, the Japanese arts and crafts available can help you to create the atmosphere you will enjoy.


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Arts and crafts activities are one of the best ways to keep your children entertained. But rather than leave them to it, why not get involved with them.

Arts and crafts activities provide enjoyment and a learning experience for your children and for you as well. There are many crafts that you can do along with your children irrespective of their ages. It does not matter how old your kids are, they can still enjoy arts and crafts. By developing art and crafts skills, they could discover new natural abilities that they then take further through their studies. This could also have a life-changing impact and could affect their career.

The main benefit of being involved in craft-making along with your children is, apart from the obvious fact that everybody is having fun, your children and you are learning. You will learn to use your imagination, think through problems, make best use of the items you have available and improvise.

Many children will prefer to sit in front of the television or a computer these days, but with a bit of persuasion, they will soon discover that arts and crafts are a great way of spending time. The key is preparation. Although you don’t need to buy too many arts and craft materials, a few essentials will help spark your children’s interest. Even just a few felt shapes, pva glue and a piece of card can be used to create fantastic artwork. But using a simple kit such as a Build a Pom Pom Panda kit will give you a better way to introduce the concept of arts and crafts. It’s always easier to convince a child to create a panda from a kit rather than just give them some shapes, but once they start their imagination will take over and even the simplest materials will create fantastic artwork.

Arts and Crafts activities are a great way of bonding with your children. While they are concentrating on the creative process, they are likely to be much more chatty. They will share things with you that you would never learn from just watching TV with them.

While the summer holidays are over in the United Kingdom for this year, Christmas will arrive soon, so for this reason, now this could be the perfect time to invest in arts and crafts for kids.

What to buy

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• Glue for sticking
• Bumper packs of coloured paper and coloured card are ideal for creating great works of art.
• You can even buy blank cards and envelopes. These are useful for children to create their own cards.
• Colouring Pens allow your children to draw what they want first. Or you could get involved and draw a shape for them.
• Shapes – Whether they are made from felt, paper or card, shapes are very versatile and can be used to create many different things.
• Stickers – Children love stickers. From shapes to smiley faces to numbers there’s something that all children will like. You can even get holographic stickers for that special artwork.
• Tissue paper – Children love scrunching up paper to create three dimensional art. Tissue paper is ideal.
• Paints and Brushes are a favourite with children but be careful about the mess!
• Save old newspaper – As well as using it in creating artworks, you can use it to protect surfaces and floors.

Getting your children started

Try to start with an idea of what they can do. A children’s imagination is hard to get going, but once it kicks in then they will take over. A simple kit that they can create something from is better to start with than just random items. Alternatively, if you don’t have a kit, give them an idea about what they could make, for example a pirate ship or a fairy wonderland. Once they have the idea they will create for hours. Have a look at our other articles for more ideas about this.

Don’t forget that once they have created something, always praise them and make a fuss of them. If they think you like what they have created then they will create more.


Urgently exhausted? Assuredly not! Much obliged to you for perusing my post! I know I am still excited to impart all I’m learning, and see this as a great deal more than “Simply doing a task,” so to say, in light of the fact that I am pushing hard for a serious life, and discover I adore this outlet to grow my points of view. This is considerably more that simply staying involved or filling my time, its an ongoing instruction!

In the event that you are still inquisitive about Arts And Crafts, then read-on with alternate posts in this segment. You now know I am interested about numerous things, and constantly willing to impart intriguing truths I discover on the web. I’ll keep on stilling my college understudies and associates to bring sites to my attention, so I will impart what they bring at the earliest opportunity.

Like I said in the recent past, I’d be lost on the off chance that I didn’t have this spot to impart my interests on all the points and preparing I adapted in private wanders. My convictions are open for civil argument, however I need to caution you that I have concentrated on this theme for a long, long time and have seen numerous extravagant thoughts travel every which way. Make sure to impart a considerable measure of subtle element when you send your clashing perspectives.

Numerous much obliged concerning perusing this Arts And Crafts post, and I anticipate “seeing you” here again soon!

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