Adelaide’s Best Festivals and Malaysia Culture

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Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety all over India and more so in Maharashtra since the time Lokmanya Tilak brought this festival to the general public at a time when it was confined to the homes of people and the palaces of the Peshwas and Maharajas. Giving it a Sarvajanik flavor to bring forth the unity of the people was one of the reasons that this festival was given the 10-day solemnity it bears.

In Pune, the Ganesh Festival is much looked forward to at the end of the monsoons. The birth of Lord Ganesha falls on the 4th day of the bright half of the Hindu month of Bhadrapad which usually comes around August or September. Ganesh idols are brought home or to the places of common worship and worshipped daily. This festival is observed for a period of 10 days; from the Chaturthi to the Anant Chaturdhashi which culminates in the immersion of the Ganesh idol in the rivers and lakes of the city.

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A colorful and joyful festiveness marks the entire 10 days in Pune where Ganesh Mandals compete with each other in terms of decoration, lighting and even the shape and size of the Ganesh idol.

The Ganesh Festival in Pune is so famous, that some people make it a point to visit Pune during this time to be a part of the celebration. The Pune Festival also coincides with the Ganesh Festival at times and is a bonus for the visiting tourist.

The immersion procession begins with the five Manache Ganpati (or the first in honour) namely the Kasba Peth Ganpati, the Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganpati, the Guruji Talim Ganpati, the Tulshibaug Ganpati and the Kesari Wada Ganpati in that order. Besides these, the Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati is famous for its idol decked with gold ornaments and the Natubaug Ganpati that is famous for its decoration using lighting. The Mahatma Phule Market or the Mandai Ganpati as it is known is also quite popular.

All one needs to do is go to the Deccan area and then start walking towards the main city areas. You can also assemble at particular points near the different Chowk areas and watch the colorful processions go by. Many spectators have been found to be unable to resist the temptation of joining the crowd dancing to the tunes of popular songs or the beats of the ‘dhol’ and ‘lezim’.

The Pune Festival also takes place at this time. This is a cultural festival and dancers from all over the country participate in the events. This is a major tourist attraction and tourists get to see various cultural art forms from one stage. The Pune Festival has been around since 1989 and is a premier event on the culutural calendar of Maharashtra. The Pune Festival is jointly organized by the people of Pune, Pune Festival Committee, Department of Tourism (Government of India) & Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC)

The itinerary of the Pune festival that is spread over two weeks covers national and internationally renowned artists Vocal Recitals, Instrumental Concerts, Dance, Lokatal Lavani Mahotsav, Urdu Mushaira, Marathi & Hindi Hasya Kavi Samelan., Lokanatya, Recipe Competition, Flower Decoration, Mime & Mimicry, Magic Show, Decoration Competitions by various Ganapati mandals depicting various Mythological facts, Clean-Slum Competition, Single Act plays, Maharashtrian Women plays, Mahila Mahotsav, Marathi-Gujarathi-Hindi-English-Sindhi Drama festivals, Marathi Orchestra’s, Gujarathi Dairo, Kerala Mahotsav, Maharashtra Lokhadhara, Ganapathy painting exhibition, Vintage car rally, Water Sports, Motocross, Body Building, Ashtavinayak Rally, Skating Competition, Bicycle Competition, Golf Competition, Trekking, Malla Kambh, Yoga, Doi Sezim Spardha, Bullock Cart race, Village Fair’s, Seminar on tourism Promotion in India & Maharashtra and various other cultural items.


Australia’s ever-growing culture and history has led to its dedication towards the expansion of its cultural festivals and events, and is this in no truer anywhere than in Australia’s southern capital of Adelaide. The month of March is now known as Mad March in Adelaide – so called for its huge array of festivals and events that takeover the city during this time, making early spring one of the best times to experience this amazing capital city.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

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Held over four whole weeks between February and March every year, the Adelaide Fringe Festival has been running since 1960 and looks to be the most accessible arts festival in the world, where anyone can become a part of the action. Events ranging from visual art and theatre to circus and comedy are all welcome here as the festival continues to grow and evolve with the city’s ever changing culture.

Taking over the city, the festival’s events take place over 900 venues, where visitors to Adelaide can experience fresh and entertaining work in an environment that celebrates innovation and change.


A part of the World of Music, Arts & Dance festival established in 1982 by Peter Gabriel, the WOMADelaide festival, the country’s only WOMAD event, started 10 years later in 1992. Welcoming a diverse audience every year, with families, teenagers, the retired and young couples all coming to enjoy the festival’s unique music offerings, the festival runs over a four-day period in Botanic Park.

Covering seven stages and hosting over 100 food, retail and charity stalls, this festival is one huge hub of activity that celebrates the world’s traditional and contemporary artists, musicians, DJs and dancers.

Adelaide Festival

The Adelaide Festival has been running strong in the city every March since its launch in 1960 and looks to celebrate the country’s best in theatre, dance, music, literature, film and art. With its events gaining in size and skill every year, the Adelaide Festival is one of the city’s greats and is proving to gain in popularity as well as size.

Featuring everything from classic Shakespearian productions to the most contemporary of modern art, this festival is as much for all kinds of people as the previous two great Adelaide events mentioned. Claiming to be Australia’s largest multi-arts festival, it offers performances to suit every taste.

As South Australia’s apparently isolated capital, Adelaide is proving that it doesn’t need the bright lights of Sydney of Melbourne to shine itself. With so much more going on throughout the rest of the year, Mad March is just one place to start.


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Malaysia being a society of multi-ethnic groups is rich in arts and culture. Abundance of cultural festivals and artistic expertise make this country an intriguing place for the tourists. Several artistic examples exist are there which you come across while roaming around the streets of Malaysia. For instance, the leaning clock tower is a fine symbol of architectural excellence in Teluk Intan (Parek). One of the landmarks in Putrajaya is unique Mercu Tanda.

Many other monuments and buildings are also of great tourist’s interest. Mosque, churches, temples, towers and statues can be found spread all across the entire region of this country-they, too, reflect artistic richness of the Malaysia. Istana Negara is something you cannot afford to miss out on visiting in Kuala Lumpur. For people having archeological interest, there are many other sights in different parts of the country.

Talking of the culture and festivals, numerous kinds of interesting activities by different ethnic societies are subject to be explored. Abundance festivals are celebrated in every calendar year. To name some of the fascinating festivals: Hay Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Thaipusam, Lantern Festival and many other s are there. Lion dance, Sape and Kompang are some of the artistic expertise Malaysians can boast of having. Lion dance especially is a popular item that everyone likes to watch. Kompang is the most traditional instrument of Malaysia which is played at several social occasions. Sape is another instrument that is very famous. So culture of Malaysia is vast enough to be explored. Go and get into it!


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