Yes, you guessed it, I am learning website development and marketing, and chose this topic as a fun way to exercise my WordPress skills. If you have suggestions on new topics, or different ways to share this career-related information, then by all means contact me and share your thoughts. Copyright 2003-2010 Wave Resources LLC - All Rights Reserved - May not be sold or given away.

As noted on my home page, the goal here on Corey’s News Board is to get relevant news out to my friends and incrementally improve our society : )

This project began back in 2012, and I’m happy to report it is still going well! It has changed in that I moved to WordPress. I learned a lot in the process of that move to WordPres… like, to sort out hosting services, move a domain name, learn to use WordPress, selecting a theme, etc. : )

The goal of the computers and society course has yielded its result. At the start, this was based on learning about feeds in the way they positively change society. And I like it alot.

…but I’m babbling now… lol… looking forward to typing up my insights and looking to exchange ideas with friends both new and old. This new website is my chance to open up with everything from current events to sports news real time! : )